Mosses – The Perfect Shade Plants

Mosses are great for areas of shade. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


Mosses are an interesting, gorgeous and different way to landscape your yard and accent your garden. Traditionally used as an accent, mosses often become the most noticed and talked about feature of a yard design. They grow well in shade and less than optimal soils.

Sheet Moss tolerates partial sun and will tolerate moderate foot traffic. It works well as a vibrant green living grout between stepping stones. It is often used for low maintenance moss lawns in areas where there is no direct afternoon sun, and also where soil is so poor or rocky that regular grasses will not grow.

Carpet Moss gets its name from its habit of covering the ground like a beautiful living green carpet. It begins the spring growing season a delicate golden green color. As summer approaches and the weather warms, it turns a rich and velvety deep green. Upon a close look, the leaves look serrated and almost thorny. But step back and be taken in by the breathtaking green spread of this ancient and magnificent plant.

White Cushion Moss provides an interesting variation of color when used as an accent near garden plants or other mosses. As its species epithet suggests, it can be a white, blue-green or grey color. It typically grows in a ball shape, but it can spread much like Carpet or Sheet Moss. Growing from one to three inches tall, this beauty can be among the tallest of mosses. This moss needs plenty of moisture and shade. Give it what it needs and it will reward you and your yard with years of singular beauty.

Mosses are a great way to add interest to your landscaping. Not many other plants can revive a dead and barren area of a yard like a good moss can. One of the most mystic plants, they are sure to become a favorite part of your garden.
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